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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Having to work on Memorial Day weekend has been pretty neat (yeah i said neat…..some crazy ish! no?). Stomping Nanakuli has really been kinda fun, but only because I have the luxury going back home afterwards. Waianae coast people are hella friendly. But some people got it really rough out there. Small homes with huge families. Some people live in tents…… someone else’s front yard. But when Waianae Coast peeps wanna let loose they do. Grad season and start of summer is reason for party. But man they be partying hard. Townies start party after work pau friday. Westside call in sick Friday and start thursday afternoon. I find it ironic that everyone wants to go camping. People that camp at home go to the beach and live over there. Wonder how the people who actually live on the beach feel about it. One good thing this weekend has been Island 98.5 decided to play “Reggae” all weekend long! Finally a good decision after a few F’ups! Now it might not be hardcore KTUH Friday Bashment/Roots/Lover’s Rock/Ragga but what you gonna expect from mainstream station. Yeah they still got mixed Jawaiian stuff but man if there was a weekend that needed a good soundtrack for the beach they got pretty close to it. Now listening to Kolohe Kai while passing Tracks and the waves be flat is torture enough, but cranking Born Jamericans and watching people bbq and swimming is MURDER! Oh the jealousy surging through my body…..hahaha Here’s a few tracks that tickle me fancy so far

Now if I had a theme song this might be it. Lyrics kill. “Extreme lovin ya can’t complain!” Gonna be my theme song to the morning after I get married! Lo lo lo lo LOFA LOFA LOFA LOFA!!!!!

How you not gonna love a jam that no make think of Snagglepuss?

FYI- She don’t let nobody, nobody but ME! LOFA! She let have the MASTER KEY! That’s why I kissed her explicitly! SHE SCHEMING! Not. Unless she’s Ming Na………oooooooooooh!

King Yellowman. Pau

Das enough. Get the buttload of weed songs I like even though I don’t burn (like this one here) and I haven’t even scratched the surface. Summer be here…..but not my south shore swells.

Big ups to our fallen heros and the real reason for Memorial Day!


Took a while but I was waiting for a better pic. oh well. this will do.

Inertia 7 was great. As always what starts out with two Hawaiians making plans could not happen without support from others. The following is my mahalo list for Inertia 7. First thanks Jesus for making everything possible. Thanks Fresh Café (thanks Chippy!) for a dope spot with easy clean up and set up. Thanks Fumanchu for title sponsoring I7. Thanks iKandy, HE>I, Affiliated, Champagne Dreams, Redifine Designs, and Freelance for getting booths. Thanks to Visual Dynasty,, 808allday, Mechahawaii,, Homegrown Blends, and Mighty 4 for the support. SUPER HUGE BIG UPS TO JabaOne and Cros1 for the Freestyle Sessions 12 Hawaii premier (SD in July!). Thanks to Aych Kay and Katch1 for the blackbook battle prizes! Big ups to DJ EnJay for coming through clutch with the breaks! B-boy Yell-O for hosting and keeping the crowd hyped enough for BEEF! (jus jokin!) My judges Knockout, Jneek, and Kei Element. My suppose to be judging TenofQuad for coming through! The Soulgasm x Culture crew for rolling through (Orb you were truly missed! Inertia 8 next May if you need a return visit?). The amazing artist that rocked the boards and the kanaks that helped bring the boards to Inertia 7! The amazing army engineer fence crew (Darren, Joe, Jericho, Jay, KTC, Trav, Rocky,) that helped with a difficult task indeed, I’m super greatful! To Trav and his boy for helping to set up. J-Drums for the sounds (next year drums!). Vezzen for his glowstick beats and prep work. Aunty Camile for working the door with her friend and for the biggest and most effective opening prayer in Inertia history. Kei for a great safety prayer (did somebody do coin drops this year? Gotta watch the vids). Baby Selah for being strong and healthy! Everyone who passed the word along via their blogs, websites, twitter, myspace, yelp, and facebook. Thanks to Honolulu Weekly, Honolulu Star Bulletin (livicated), Honolulu Advertiser, Midweek,,, and all the media peeps. Everyone that attended I7, all the bboys that battles or cyphered, the writers that entered the blackbook battle, and the people who made an effort to come but couldn’t find parking mahalos. If I forgot you I’m sorry but you still appreciated (Hey I just turned 22….gotta work on playing Brain Age!). With all events I stress out, I get cranky, and maybe a little moody. If I offended you by kicking you off stage or making you leave during set up or after the jam I apologize (I gotta get the job done, but sometimes I don’t use the best judgement to attain that goal). To everyone who believes in Lightsleepers, thanks. To Kavet the Catalyst-thanks (blog too short buddy). Well let’s do it again next year….INERTIA 8 MAY 2010

to make it big musically. Bad enough she working with the Hitman and Oprah loves her. Stop doing shows with SOS and get cracking! Black Eyed Peas video not enough! New Charice album and vid. Now stop listening to Ocho Ocho!

PS. If Charice is your cousinsin hook me up with an autograph photo!
Guilty Pleasure list.

Where’s Jojo? Sounds like her.

KTC and I have been doing the Inertia B-boy series for seven years, but Cros1 has been rocking Freestyle Sessions for 12 years. After a short break FS is back with a new dvd, and the Lightsleepers are lucky enough to premier the dvd at Inertia 7. The DVD will be available for purchase at the jam, but you better cop one here because we gonna beat ANYONES price for the DVD! SERIOUS! Big ups to Cros1, Freestyle Sessions, The Armory Massive, DJ JabaONE, and DJ Yogurt. Freestyle Sessions 13 going down in LA sometime this year!

Check out the website at

Birthday’s mean you get to add another tree ring to your trunk. I got 19 rings. not. Inertia 7 Saturday at Fresh Cafe! CHEE! There’s a preparty tonight at NextDoor for Soulgasm x Culture. Then after Inertia 7 tomorrow night you can celebrate DJ BumbleeBee’s (and Ralph but he mma’ing in frisco) birthday with Soulgasm at Soho. Can’t wait. Help Baby Selah and see you at Fresh Cafe!

And if you want to buy me some Air Max 90 DQM Bacons for my birthday my shoe size is 13. Some Iron Man toys would be dope (Burger King but not the jewelry or that writing thingy)? Transformers? An Xbox 360? Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting arcade game for my living room? Thanks!

Friday night was spent being gassy in Jesus’ hale followed by Give Me My Money Chico DVD premier thanks to In4mation at Ka. They had good pizza. Finished the night with some wun tun min and a healthy conversation of why must i cry and eli porter.

Saturday was spent at Walls chasing rogue waves; watching Korean guys and a girl (who i thought was a dude till i realized that his tank top wasn’t shredded, it was her bra!) macking on japanese girls that wanted to be left alone so they could bodyboard. Followed that with a portabello salad from Big City Diner and a bboy jam at Diverse Arts with a wack jerking battle.

Sunday spent the morning in Jesus’ hale followed Walmart, Target, and Costco.

I bought this as a pre-birthday gift. Say hello to my little fren!

Later while searching the interwebs I also discovered that Japanese fools be grinding on cheese katsu samiches at McDs! WOW!

A great start to my birthday week indeed. Now for some cardio bike session with a side of Hawaii Goes Fishing.

Ever since Upper Playground bought out Juxtapoz im super picky about picking up issues. Last one I got was the Pushead issue and the one before that was the Seventh Letter MSK/AWR issue. Dave got the takeover and I finally got my copy (same as pictured) after hearing everyone else say its dope. I’ve only seen two varient covers but there’s FIVE different ones. Happy hunting.

Mayer Hawthorne. He digs wax. Peanut Butter Wolf is a genius. Who would think you would listen to music that your grandmother would dig?

Comic from Jon Murakami

Happy Mother’s Day. I aint got nothing witty to say. But maybe your mom would like to go to a movie? Maybe this one?

PS. Yeah I seen um. Was ok. Entertaining. Lots of explosions. Pepper Pots! Yeah its a set up movie but hey I liked it. And what was that at the end? A hammer?

PPS. If your mom wants to watch Iron Man 2 she rocks!

If you blessed enough to have a mailbox put one can good or something for help the food bank! This SATURDAY!