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Running super high on my favorite things to do is grinding! After i go beach, i like grind. After playing poker, i like grind. I also enjoy great cooking shows so I can learn how to make them dope grinds. For some reason Food Network has been sucking balls lately with their shows but the do play a grip of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives which is my SUPERFAV show. But you know how I said Sunday’s is about fishing shows? Well Saturdays if I am home mid afternoon/early evenings there’s two things going on during that time period: Hawaii TV Bowling and PBS got a block of shows that I like from woodworking and painting to cooking. One of them new shows that I’m a fan of is Avec Eric.

Caught it randomly while waiting for Simply Ming and was hooked. I think that I would enjoy French food but ever time I see high class cooking and fine dining the food looks hella chang. I would starve. And you pay a grip to starve? Hell no! Go rainbows and spend less than $7 and be good for six hours. But I like this Eric Ripert guy. Yeah he French. But he loves food. And eats choke. He owns four restaurants which is ridiculous because one restaurant would make you pull your hair out! Eric checks out food sources and other restaurants then goes back to his kitchen and cooks the dopeness. If you got a chance check out his show or go watch them on his website at Check his Get Toasted vids too. And if you looking for a birthday present for me (Inertia 7 coming May 22 @Fresh Cafe!) you can get me THIS!

Avec love, Lofa

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