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So for class last night the assignment was to watch the Blind Side. How can that be bad. A football movie as classwork. Win. Now I never watched this movie before and heard everyone rave about it. I’m thinking popolo Rudy. Kinda but not really. Sandra Bullock kills in this movie. Jesse James you STOOOOOOPS! Had a winner and tossed it away. Crap I don’t even like haole girls but she had me. Even with the blond hair. I like the dark hair better. Great story. Go watch um. Kinda movie can get your girl to appreciate football small kine? And how’s Tim McGraw cleaning up. Didn’t even know it was him.

Sidenote: I like Tim McGraw. I hate country. But I’m Tim fan indeed. Serious. Talk about guilty pleasures. Everywhere is my favorite album. Green Grass Grows. Hard on the Ticker. Everywhere. Sample a track

And if I sang Karaoke and drank beer I think this would be the song. Sounds like a drinking tune no?

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