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Friday night was spent being gassy in Jesus’ hale followed by Give Me My Money Chico DVD premier thanks to In4mation at Ka. They had good pizza. Finished the night with some wun tun min and a healthy conversation of why must i cry and eli porter.

Saturday was spent at Walls chasing rogue waves; watching Korean guys and a girl (who i thought was a dude till i realized that his tank top wasn’t shredded, it was her bra!) macking on japanese girls that wanted to be left alone so they could bodyboard. Followed that with a portabello salad from Big City Diner and a bboy jam at Diverse Arts with a wack jerking battle.

Sunday spent the morning in Jesus’ hale followed Walmart, Target, and Costco.

I bought this as a pre-birthday gift. Say hello to my little fren!

Later while searching the interwebs I also discovered that Japanese fools be grinding on cheese katsu samiches at McDs! WOW!

A great start to my birthday week indeed. Now for some cardio bike session with a side of Hawaii Goes Fishing.

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