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Birthday’s mean you get to add another tree ring to your trunk. I got 19 rings. not. Inertia 7 Saturday at Fresh Cafe! CHEE! There’s a preparty tonight at NextDoor for Soulgasm x Culture. Then after Inertia 7 tomorrow night you can celebrate DJ BumbleeBee’s (and Ralph but he mma’ing in frisco) birthday with Soulgasm at Soho. Can’t wait. Help Baby Selah and see you at Fresh Cafe!

And if you want to buy me some Air Max 90 DQM Bacons for my birthday my shoe size is 13. Some Iron Man toys would be dope (Burger King but not the jewelry or that writing thingy)? Transformers? An Xbox 360? Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting arcade game for my living room? Thanks!

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