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Took a while but I was waiting for a better pic. oh well. this will do.

Inertia 7 was great. As always what starts out with two Hawaiians making plans could not happen without support from others. The following is my mahalo list for Inertia 7. First thanks Jesus for making everything possible. Thanks Fresh Café (thanks Chippy!) for a dope spot with easy clean up and set up. Thanks Fumanchu for title sponsoring I7. Thanks iKandy, HE>I, Affiliated, Champagne Dreams, Redifine Designs, and Freelance for getting booths. Thanks to Visual Dynasty,, 808allday, Mechahawaii,, Homegrown Blends, and Mighty 4 for the support. SUPER HUGE BIG UPS TO JabaOne and Cros1 for the Freestyle Sessions 12 Hawaii premier (SD in July!). Thanks to Aych Kay and Katch1 for the blackbook battle prizes! Big ups to DJ EnJay for coming through clutch with the breaks! B-boy Yell-O for hosting and keeping the crowd hyped enough for BEEF! (jus jokin!) My judges Knockout, Jneek, and Kei Element. My suppose to be judging TenofQuad for coming through! The Soulgasm x Culture crew for rolling through (Orb you were truly missed! Inertia 8 next May if you need a return visit?). The amazing artist that rocked the boards and the kanaks that helped bring the boards to Inertia 7! The amazing army engineer fence crew (Darren, Joe, Jericho, Jay, KTC, Trav, Rocky,) that helped with a difficult task indeed, I’m super greatful! To Trav and his boy for helping to set up. J-Drums for the sounds (next year drums!). Vezzen for his glowstick beats and prep work. Aunty Camile for working the door with her friend and for the biggest and most effective opening prayer in Inertia history. Kei for a great safety prayer (did somebody do coin drops this year? Gotta watch the vids). Baby Selah for being strong and healthy! Everyone who passed the word along via their blogs, websites, twitter, myspace, yelp, and facebook. Thanks to Honolulu Weekly, Honolulu Star Bulletin (livicated), Honolulu Advertiser, Midweek,,, and all the media peeps. Everyone that attended I7, all the bboys that battles or cyphered, the writers that entered the blackbook battle, and the people who made an effort to come but couldn’t find parking mahalos. If I forgot you I’m sorry but you still appreciated (Hey I just turned 22….gotta work on playing Brain Age!). With all events I stress out, I get cranky, and maybe a little moody. If I offended you by kicking you off stage or making you leave during set up or after the jam I apologize (I gotta get the job done, but sometimes I don’t use the best judgement to attain that goal). To everyone who believes in Lightsleepers, thanks. To Kavet the Catalyst-thanks (blog too short buddy). Well let’s do it again next year….INERTIA 8 MAY 2010

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