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Having to work on Memorial Day weekend has been pretty neat (yeah i said neat…..some crazy ish! no?). Stomping Nanakuli has really been kinda fun, but only because I have the luxury going back home afterwards. Waianae coast people are hella friendly. But some people got it really rough out there. Small homes with huge families. Some people live in tents…… someone else’s front yard. But when Waianae Coast peeps wanna let loose they do. Grad season and start of summer is reason for party. But man they be partying hard. Townies start party after work pau friday. Westside call in sick Friday and start thursday afternoon. I find it ironic that everyone wants to go camping. People that camp at home go to the beach and live over there. Wonder how the people who actually live on the beach feel about it. One good thing this weekend has been Island 98.5 decided to play “Reggae” all weekend long! Finally a good decision after a few F’ups! Now it might not be hardcore KTUH Friday Bashment/Roots/Lover’s Rock/Ragga but what you gonna expect from mainstream station. Yeah they still got mixed Jawaiian stuff but man if there was a weekend that needed a good soundtrack for the beach they got pretty close to it. Now listening to Kolohe Kai while passing Tracks and the waves be flat is torture enough, but cranking Born Jamericans and watching people bbq and swimming is MURDER! Oh the jealousy surging through my body…..hahaha Here’s a few tracks that tickle me fancy so far

Now if I had a theme song this might be it. Lyrics kill. “Extreme lovin ya can’t complain!” Gonna be my theme song to the morning after I get married! Lo lo lo lo LOFA LOFA LOFA LOFA!!!!!

How you not gonna love a jam that no make think of Snagglepuss?

FYI- She don’t let nobody, nobody but ME! LOFA! She let have the MASTER KEY! That’s why I kissed her explicitly! SHE SCHEMING! Not. Unless she’s Ming Na………oooooooooooh!

King Yellowman. Pau

Das enough. Get the buttload of weed songs I like even though I don’t burn (like this one here) and I haven’t even scratched the surface. Summer be here…..but not my south shore swells.

Big ups to our fallen heros and the real reason for Memorial Day!

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