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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Skate at the factory Dyrdek works heeeerrrrrrrreeeee! I’m going back to Cali, cali, cali. This is on my “if I pray hard and my homie hooks it up I’m gonna visit this spot (AND THE BERRICS!!!!!). Great news is that season 3 starts RIGHT BEFORE I LEAVE! CHEEEHUI!!!!!!


found this on Dopeness!

So the last post I was bummed I couldn’t find a video for Arrivals and Departures. Then I couldn’t figure out how to make mp3 players like them other bloggy blogs. While interwebneting for answers the easiest thing was to make video using imovie and take photo and song and merge the buggas. I never used imovie ever and I barely watched the tutorial vid. Two minutes later you get this photomorph with the song. Enjoy and no get sick. I am so not a ktc or skate nazi videographer! Now to make video for the entire Lightsleepers catalog! Kless possessive watchout now!

I was actually looking forward to “If not now when?” event at Bishop Museum. Kavet the Catalyst got the nod to perform with Nomasterbacks at this event. Word. Then the flyer comes out and I see Denizen Kane, Paula Fuga, and LINUS! And it’s free? WORD!

Ring, ring, Kalihi ring! Swell the echo of our song!

Flux Hawaii was there. Thanks for the free water issue!

Skim opening the second stage.

DJ Memiors, Wade and Well.being of Nomasterbacks, and Kavet the Catalyst stayed focused!

The crowd jingled their keys

Unfortunately I missed Denizen Kane due to changing of stage locations and scheduling. BOOOOOO! Then they ran out of salad for the steak plates. Double BOOOOOOO!

But the highlight for me was seeing Linus perform “Arrivals and Departures”. This event was loaded with KTUH past and present DJs having a part with this event. Arrivals and Departures was the unofficial KTUH theme song for a season, and I love this song. I’m not even a huge Linus fan, but I am a fan of the track. Support the band and check out Sample the track in the shop cus i can’t find video or someone that hosted the mp3.

I gotta say the event and venue was pretty dope. I hope this happens again or something similar. I’m kinda bummed I won’t be able to see Brothers Kaz at the museum on 7/3 but this is a dope venue indeed!

I am an iPhone fan. Yet I never owned one. If I had cash I would. So I decided to hang out with some homies getting their 4g iPhones. Well.being was there since 9pm. I showed up at 4:30 and walked past more than 100 people and cut in line. STRAIT UP! If nobody enforcing line then every man for themselves! Well luckily I wasn’t even getting one so people never need worry. But I bet I messed up the counts and stuff. Thanks for the Cinnabons and Smartwater Steve Jobs. But I gotta say the gay clapping for someone buying an iphone is rediculous. And if I wasn’t a good guy and Jesus allowed stealing I WOULDA ROBBED ALL YOU GEEKS! No streetsmarts whatsoever. Holding you iphone while leaving your ipads on the ground. Stupid. And use one. If you iphoning then put the ipad away. or vice versa.

the two lines continued

Kahala line ended at the theater when I last checked it. Next time I like camp Waikiki! Soon come my iphone…my luck its gonna be only a 3g. And how dumb is apple for making cases that only cover the metal frame. Why not cover the back surface and leave a hole for the camera. DONKEY! I wonder if that htc Evo can sway me……..i still want iphone!

Before I even heard of Shane Victorino there was always my homie Dane Sardinha! He was always a great baseball player and had the huge right arm from swinging bats. Back in high school I had him sign a baseball for me hoping he would blow up as a pro ball player. He got drafted to the Royals but didn’t sign, drafted by the Reds, played for the Reds and Detriot Tigers. Called up this year for Philadelphia. Ten years after he drafted he gets his first homerun for the Phillies. Big ups buddy! How can I get me a signed jersey?

Story on Hawaii News Now here

Sorry for the slacking. I’m waiting for the pics from my photog and I also have been enjoying the summer. Well the other day I got a request to see how banging the Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale was. I was killing time in Ala Moana waiting for an appointment and left the Lego store. I past the spot and remembered so I went inside. Now never have no guys at all! But them girls was going apeshit crazy for all kine panties and whatnots in barrels. Now I don’t know how they can buy stuff that may be possible for other girls to try on BEFORE they buy um. Put them suckas in bags! I walked in not knowing what to look for. She gave a number size reference but their stuff is the same old small medium large xl steez so I was lost. The nice people at Vicky Secrets gave me a personal shopper. That was dope. But then all the ladies buying stuff was all shame because maybe they not suppose to be wearing naughty kine g-strings or whatevers and gave me the stink eye. Aunties that I didn’t want to even imagine wearing the things they was putting in their shopping carts…….bleh! I left so they could handle their own hanky panky and went on my way. But I gotta say $3 panties that usually retail for $24 is something you ladies with puka panties should check out. And where’s the hot angels? Oh well…..

Services today at The Community Church of Honolulu in Nu’uanu. Viewing at 10am. Service at Noon. Burial at Hawaiian Memorial 3pm.

Now not too often do I find myself at an event as a spectator, not running around behind the scenes doing something. If you don’t know I really don’t go out much. I mean it really takes a big event or something that really excites me to be out late night. Prime example was Aceyalone! OOOOOOOH! Big ups to DJ Bone and everyone that made that happen. Sad that Sat night ended with short set. Double sad I couldn’t go Sunday night’s hour long set. Anywho. This past Saturday was a test of strength on my part. But with nearly four hours of sleep and a thirteen hour workday I had to go venture into town. After work and a quick stop at the Lego store (never by nothing) I headed over to Fresh Cafe for Apex 2010. B-Boy Jams always winnaz!

The best thing I like about any event is always the people. My favorite spot to hang at an event…..OUTSIDE with the homies! Sidewalk lurking always. Apex had a huge inflatable movie screen showing Freestyle Sessions 12 DVD (if you didn’t get yours i got two left and I’ll beat anybody’s price!) They also had some vendors outside too. Here’s the Champagne Dreams/The Starfish Guy crew

The Affiliated crew.

BruceLee, Rzone, and Thatguyshaun

The iKandy booth was getting the zebra down

The graff wall was in full effect. Defend Hawaii and Sindication sponsored the blackbook battle.

getting up

Mighty 4 crew holding down the jam

B-Girl Yoda holding down the turtles

BLESSDCHIL. A Quest For Luv CD/DVD droping August 27. Also watch for his track on the Lightsleepers Narcoleptic Symposium 3 compilation.

Creed Chameleon and DJ Packo getting ready to tour Cali and party with DJ Norm Rockwell at Access San Diego!

Motley Crue- Everybody Knows, Big Mox, PsychoSalamander, and DJ Bone. Mox got his Moxtape part 1 & 2 for sale.

Apex had an all styles battle that I don’t care for. I no like krumping or jerking! I like Bboy battles! Here’s HypeBeast battling BBQ Toast (yeah Marcus!) HypeBeast got bboys from Panic Zone, dancers from Hypersquad and Hype 5-0, and i dunno where the krumpers are from. And I’m not that crazy bout Voguing either, but i thought it was funny when JeeWee shushed homie like a vogue diss almost.

Man it was hot inside. So I dug out. Hate not feeling April Fresh. Bye Fresh Cafe. Off to Manifest

John Hook was having his Mustache Power show at Manifest. Photos was dope!

The man himself John and Sam. They are boatloads of fun! Find proof on his blog at Fake mustachios for all! I got two!

Chris got photos too!

Haynmade from enjoying his new stash

Some people

Dalek and KTC in the mix

Team Manifest/Soul Signature

I didn’t stay long and wanted to shower and hit the hay. The next day I did go to another bboy jam but they didn’t allow cameras so you get nothing. I was glad that I had no responsibilities for either event, but at the same time I felt a little lost not knowing what I should be doing. Great events indeed.

Got this in a email from St. Alfred. That Nike colab store they got going on is sick. But this pick is dope too! Wicker Park!