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BOOO MERGERS! Strait up! People get greedy and buy the number two paper with dreams of really owning the number one paper. What happens? 400 people lose their jobs! Well it went down and today is first day of Honolulu Star Advertiser.

I’m sad that the Honolulu Advertiser is gone. I was an Advertiser person. Star Bulletin was only good with their Hi Life and their local coverage of music and events, but I didn’t like that tabloid style sideways deal. Now after the chips have fallen and trying to find out who kept their job and who got tossed we can only see how the new paper evolves.

Hurt feelings are all over the place, but what’s done is done. If you don’t buy papers you aren’t affected. Next big hurdle to see how the paper gonna really be is coming this Sunday. I hope this merge will make the paper better.

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