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High Chief XL, SexyBeast, Tassho Pearce, DJ Compose-Dig Lifestyles Common meet n greet 8/07

Big Walter, High Chief XL, Aiga Fam. DJ Skids introduced us when they was doing O.G. Aiga i think. But Walt was the homie indeed. Always showed love. Always down to rhyme. He always wanted me to go inside maitais and have a drink while he was bouncing. I never did. He always let me and the girls i was trying to impress get into liquid surf den vip style (they was impressed but never get me nothing…..they got other guys numbers….hahaha!) He always would be working the dopest shows, and when he wasn’t working the door he would show up at the show and everyone be thinking “how you got the night off?”. Back during Studio1 and Rred Elephant days when High Chief showed up you knew things would be right and was just hoping the cypher would go off. High Chief always wanted to rock the mic. More emcees need to be that hungry. And he had the mean ragga as well. Aloha my samoan bruddah!

Download his Stargazers track. Big ups to for the link
Aiga “Stargazers”

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