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Now not too often do I find myself at an event as a spectator, not running around behind the scenes doing something. If you don’t know I really don’t go out much. I mean it really takes a big event or something that really excites me to be out late night. Prime example was Aceyalone! OOOOOOOH! Big ups to DJ Bone and everyone that made that happen. Sad that Sat night ended with short set. Double sad I couldn’t go Sunday night’s hour long set. Anywho. This past Saturday was a test of strength on my part. But with nearly four hours of sleep and a thirteen hour workday I had to go venture into town. After work and a quick stop at the Lego store (never by nothing) I headed over to Fresh Cafe for Apex 2010. B-Boy Jams always winnaz!

The best thing I like about any event is always the people. My favorite spot to hang at an event…..OUTSIDE with the homies! Sidewalk lurking always. Apex had a huge inflatable movie screen showing Freestyle Sessions 12 DVD (if you didn’t get yours i got two left and I’ll beat anybody’s price!) They also had some vendors outside too. Here’s the Champagne Dreams/The Starfish Guy crew

The Affiliated crew.

BruceLee, Rzone, and Thatguyshaun

The iKandy booth was getting the zebra down

The graff wall was in full effect. Defend Hawaii and Sindication sponsored the blackbook battle.

getting up

Mighty 4 crew holding down the jam

B-Girl Yoda holding down the turtles

BLESSDCHIL. A Quest For Luv CD/DVD droping August 27. Also watch for his track on the Lightsleepers Narcoleptic Symposium 3 compilation.

Creed Chameleon and DJ Packo getting ready to tour Cali and party with DJ Norm Rockwell at Access San Diego!

Motley Crue- Everybody Knows, Big Mox, PsychoSalamander, and DJ Bone. Mox got his Moxtape part 1 & 2 for sale.

Apex had an all styles battle that I don’t care for. I no like krumping or jerking! I like Bboy battles! Here’s HypeBeast battling BBQ Toast (yeah Marcus!) HypeBeast got bboys from Panic Zone, dancers from Hypersquad and Hype 5-0, and i dunno where the krumpers are from. And I’m not that crazy bout Voguing either, but i thought it was funny when JeeWee shushed homie like a vogue diss almost.

Man it was hot inside. So I dug out. Hate not feeling April Fresh. Bye Fresh Cafe. Off to Manifest

John Hook was having his Mustache Power show at Manifest. Photos was dope!

The man himself John and Sam. They are boatloads of fun! Find proof on his blog at Fake mustachios for all! I got two!

Chris got photos too!

Haynmade from enjoying his new stash

Some people

Dalek and KTC in the mix

Team Manifest/Soul Signature

I didn’t stay long and wanted to shower and hit the hay. The next day I did go to another bboy jam but they didn’t allow cameras so you get nothing. I was glad that I had no responsibilities for either event, but at the same time I felt a little lost not knowing what I should be doing. Great events indeed.

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