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Sorry for the slacking. I’m waiting for the pics from my photog and I also have been enjoying the summer. Well the other day I got a request to see how banging the Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale was. I was killing time in Ala Moana waiting for an appointment and left the Lego store. I past the spot and remembered so I went inside. Now never have no guys at all! But them girls was going apeshit crazy for all kine panties and whatnots in barrels. Now I don’t know how they can buy stuff that may be possible for other girls to try on BEFORE they buy um. Put them suckas in bags! I walked in not knowing what to look for. She gave a number size reference but their stuff is the same old small medium large xl steez so I was lost. The nice people at Vicky Secrets gave me a personal shopper. That was dope. But then all the ladies buying stuff was all shame because maybe they not suppose to be wearing naughty kine g-strings or whatevers and gave me the stink eye. Aunties that I didn’t want to even imagine wearing the things they was putting in their shopping carts…….bleh! I left so they could handle their own hanky panky and went on my way. But I gotta say $3 panties that usually retail for $24 is something you ladies with puka panties should check out. And where’s the hot angels? Oh well…..

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