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I am an iPhone fan. Yet I never owned one. If I had cash I would. So I decided to hang out with some homies getting their 4g iPhones. Well.being was there since 9pm. I showed up at 4:30 and walked past more than 100 people and cut in line. STRAIT UP! If nobody enforcing line then every man for themselves! Well luckily I wasn’t even getting one so people never need worry. But I bet I messed up the counts and stuff. Thanks for the Cinnabons and Smartwater Steve Jobs. But I gotta say the gay clapping for someone buying an iphone is rediculous. And if I wasn’t a good guy and Jesus allowed stealing I WOULDA ROBBED ALL YOU GEEKS! No streetsmarts whatsoever. Holding you iphone while leaving your ipads on the ground. Stupid. And use one. If you iphoning then put the ipad away. or vice versa.

the two lines continued

Kahala line ended at the theater when I last checked it. Next time I like camp Waikiki! Soon come my iphone…my luck its gonna be only a 3g. And how dumb is apple for making cases that only cover the metal frame. Why not cover the back surface and leave a hole for the camera. DONKEY! I wonder if that htc Evo can sway me……..i still want iphone!

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