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I was actually looking forward to “If not now when?” event at Bishop Museum. Kavet the Catalyst got the nod to perform with Nomasterbacks at this event. Word. Then the flyer comes out and I see Denizen Kane, Paula Fuga, and LINUS! And it’s free? WORD!

Ring, ring, Kalihi ring! Swell the echo of our song!

Flux Hawaii was there. Thanks for the free water issue!

Skim opening the second stage.

DJ Memiors, Wade and Well.being of Nomasterbacks, and Kavet the Catalyst stayed focused!

The crowd jingled their keys

Unfortunately I missed Denizen Kane due to changing of stage locations and scheduling. BOOOOOO! Then they ran out of salad for the steak plates. Double BOOOOOOO!

But the highlight for me was seeing Linus perform “Arrivals and Departures”. This event was loaded with KTUH past and present DJs having a part with this event. Arrivals and Departures was the unofficial KTUH theme song for a season, and I love this song. I’m not even a huge Linus fan, but I am a fan of the track. Support the band and check out Sample the track in the shop cus i can’t find video or someone that hosted the mp3.

I gotta say the event and venue was pretty dope. I hope this happens again or something similar. I’m kinda bummed I won’t be able to see Brothers Kaz at the museum on 7/3 but this is a dope venue indeed!

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