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Monthly Archives: July 2010

I was suppose to do this while on tour but I never so here you go.

I got to check out my homie Newkon’s NEW studio as he got ready for his art show. His studio is dope. Clean and open.

He made choke art for the show.

Had some Hawaii memories on the wall. Colored boogers.

Me and Palmetto left Timer to do a colab piece with Newk. Off to Universal Studios. Passed Juando’s favorite headquarters.

This wasn’t even inside the park. They got indoor skydiving.

Spinning ball thingy

Fav store.


Took the tram. Went to the new King Kong 3D

If you stole them 3D glasses from the movies when you watched Avatar or Air Bender look this pick. The dino gonna EAT YOU!

Kogi truck feeding the back lot. Seriously thought about jumping off the tram ride.

Was looking for some Desparate Housewives. Eva you stay home?

RARRRRR! Eh brah you get grey poupon?

Mike Sakamoto steez. Another one for the shaka thread.

Welcome to Kualoa Ranch


Tried to keep hands up but no can. Scared.

Bought souvenir.

Was ‘ono!


Big ups homie!

Mayer Hawthorn at it again. Now go make your lipdub version.

Back in Cali for SDCC. But first some fun in the LA area. Stopped by the Silent Stage offices. Super dope. My homie Paulie and a wall by Angry Woebot Windward Ox and Scribe.

His Luke Chueh painting

My first full day in Cali I checked out Peekaboo Monster and his relocated Ronin Gallery.

He had a two person art show opening.

Nathan’s art

Asia’s art

Asia also did some live painting on models. Check her website at

Peeks had the munchies control on lock with free beer and sangria inside and Don Chow Taco Truck outside.

Peeks did all the die cut stickers for Don Chow

Why you get two tortillas for one taco? I gotta google that one. Ni hao MexiChinky tacos!

Triple D approved!

Fun night had by all

I don’t drink but some people needed to sober up. Grilled cheese with grilled onions.

To be continued…….

I’ve watched Deadliest Catch since the show was only a one time special. I knew this episode was coming but man that sucks. Take note all you smokers and quit! Also take note all you men and man up and tell the people you care about that you love them. Didn’t know the captain made bird houses that are dope as chow fun!

How do I get them dope shirts in 3xl!

Slick always killing it but this is pretty nutz! First Slick gets the TRADEMARK to the LA Hands logo. Big us! I’m surprised that Disney didn’t cockblock him but they know what’s good. Then Slick makes the LA hands in a vinyl toy version. Then he up’s the anti and releases these joints with Bounty Hunter! One of my favorite toy brands. Too bad they don’t make tshirts that I can fit cus some of them skeleton joints is murder! If you going to SDCC stop by the Dissizit booth next to Doodle Barn and Silent Stage’s booths!

Is it wrong that I’m kinda more stoked about the stickers beneath the toy?

Check out and

I won’t be in Hawaii to party at the Manifest but that don’t mean you shouldn’t!

All you fake impostors taking pics at the beach calling it your office can suck it. I took these pics while being on the clock making gouda. Sometimes this job sucks, and sometime you get to see a goose!


Who’s that peeking in my window. POW nobody now! Westside!!!!!!! This goose be gully!

Moke Break

I can’t hang art or pictures in my cubicle, so Jesus hooks me up with dope waves crashing and nice weather. OVF!

So I’m SUPER BUSY trying to bang stuff out so I can bounce. Sorry no posts. But here’s what I was doing sucka! (Your mom! just playing)

Went Pearlridge and seen the stoney Dinos


Knock knock? Who’s There? Chee.


Went to Mighty 4 Hawaii. Paulskee Froy Jus10 Skeme East did their thing. High Chief XL! KTC and James Coles got awards. Mean!

Hype 5-0 rocked a set for the b-boys. Yeah Josh. B-boys like Brittnie and Casey! ME TOO! They start shaking and moving all arround…..du nah nu nah nuhhhhh.

Humidity and dirty walls created banner problems for me. The Freelance minions fixed it and hung it from the rafters. Thanks guys. Next year maybe it will be strait……

4th July after visiting the Martin family at the Hilton I made the trek to my favorite viewing spot.

Felt bad cus these peeps was eating bento and I was getting pyro happy and lit some fireworks and smoked them out. My bad people.

Here comes the BOOM!

How’s my John Hook quality fotos?


See you at Fresh Cafe! Bring your instrumentals and rock a song!