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So I’m SUPER BUSY trying to bang stuff out so I can bounce. Sorry no posts. But here’s what I was doing sucka! (Your mom! just playing)

Went Pearlridge and seen the stoney Dinos


Knock knock? Who’s There? Chee.


Went to Mighty 4 Hawaii. Paulskee Froy Jus10 Skeme East did their thing. High Chief XL! KTC and James Coles got awards. Mean!

Hype 5-0 rocked a set for the b-boys. Yeah Josh. B-boys like Brittnie and Casey! ME TOO! They start shaking and moving all arround…..du nah nu nah nuhhhhh.

Humidity and dirty walls created banner problems for me. The Freelance minions fixed it and hung it from the rafters. Thanks guys. Next year maybe it will be strait……

4th July after visiting the Martin family at the Hilton I made the trek to my favorite viewing spot.

Felt bad cus these peeps was eating bento and I was getting pyro happy and lit some fireworks and smoked them out. My bad people.

Here comes the BOOM!

How’s my John Hook quality fotos?


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