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Back in Cali for SDCC. But first some fun in the LA area. Stopped by the Silent Stage offices. Super dope. My homie Paulie and a wall by Angry Woebot Windward Ox and Scribe.

His Luke Chueh painting

My first full day in Cali I checked out Peekaboo Monster and his relocated Ronin Gallery.

He had a two person art show opening.

Nathan’s art

Asia’s art

Asia also did some live painting on models. Check her website at

Peeks had the munchies control on lock with free beer and sangria inside and Don Chow Taco Truck outside.

Peeks did all the die cut stickers for Don Chow

Why you get two tortillas for one taco? I gotta google that one. Ni hao MexiChinky tacos!

Triple D approved!

Fun night had by all

I don’t drink but some people needed to sober up. Grilled cheese with grilled onions.

To be continued…….

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