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I was suppose to do this while on tour but I never so here you go.

I got to check out my homie Newkon’s NEW studio as he got ready for his art show. His studio is dope. Clean and open.

He made choke art for the show.

Had some Hawaii memories on the wall. Colored boogers.

Me and Palmetto left Timer to do a colab piece with Newk. Off to Universal Studios. Passed Juando’s favorite headquarters.

This wasn’t even inside the park. They got indoor skydiving.

Spinning ball thingy

Fav store.


Took the tram. Went to the new King Kong 3D

If you stole them 3D glasses from the movies when you watched Avatar or Air Bender look this pick. The dino gonna EAT YOU!

Kogi truck feeding the back lot. Seriously thought about jumping off the tram ride.

Was looking for some Desparate Housewives. Eva you stay home?

RARRRRR! Eh brah you get grey poupon?

Mike Sakamoto steez. Another one for the shaka thread.

Welcome to Kualoa Ranch


Tried to keep hands up but no can. Scared.

Bought souvenir.

Was ‘ono!

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