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Monthly Archives: August 2010

I had two so far. I like them. Not the greatest but taste way better than them Cantina Tacos from TacoBell. Great Mexican still eludes Hawai’i. In the mainland they dropped the turkey wrap or the chicken bake for this. In Hawai’i it was bye bye bulgogi beef bake (i liked that too but needs more gochujang!). Get ready for gelato soon? Hope my ice cream bar no dissapear!


Great song. Cee Lo Green is the shit.

ps. Hey ktc you heard this?
Cee-Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You (Paul Epworth Mix) by Some Kind of Awesome

Can’t forget about my most fav Cee Lo song.

I’ve been semi offline and it felt great. Shredding waves was mean. But today while doing some papers I was backtracking what I missed. Came up with this. John Stewart got his own Kenner action figure from George Lucas. Win.

Only one made. Not to be produced. Big ups Toys R Evil for the info.

In class we had an assignment to draw with the opposite hand that you normally draw with, but draw something you would like if you were a toddler. Keep it grimy like how little kids can’t draw for crap. Then we were told not to draw dirty pics. There goes that idea. I wanted something fast and simple so I could be done with exercise. But what do toddlers like now days? I was all Kikaida and Ultraman. Figured it out. I drew this. Left handed with an over hand grip like keikis eating cereal watching cartoons and spilling on the floor.

Toddlers still write what they draw? I remember drawing a tv and writing tv next to it back in first grade for some poster contest (yeah I won! Skills! hahaha)

I thought was pretty cool to do something artsy in a “UNIVERSITY”. Then my group was asked to present a chapter from the class. I was given the task to draw a picture from the textbook. Uh ok.

I threw my shoe in the pic for size reference. Do you see the old lady? Do you see the young lady? If you do then I did good job. If not then I messed up or you high on drugs or need better glasses. Kinda felt like Chip Foose when he draws the cars on Overhauling and then fills them in using copik pens. You crazy? Those things bleed and when you overlap lines they darken. How he make them car drawings look dope? One day…..

Now if I only had handstyles……….

Well the new 2010 Dunny series dropped and luckily I don’t want most of them! But here’s what I liked.

This is a good dunny. Relish is dope too. Shoulda got mustard from SDCC. Glad I got one.

This is the one I want. If you got one for sale hit me up. I gonna try get an AP from Jesse Hernandez. Good Job guys. I kinda like the Huck Gee dunny to. Glad he’s common so if I decided to get one should be easy and cheap! WOOHOOO!

how you make kahako anyway? Well Jeff Ng aka. Jeff Staple came to Honolulu with the help of Interisland Terminal to create the Reed Space HNL popup store. If you have ever created a pop up store you know its a lot of work filling a space with things that people would want to buy let alone having people go to a location they would not normally visit. Reed Space HNL was no different

The pop up shop was at Waikiki Parc. I have never been there EVER. Kama’aina first for me. Nice place. I can imagine stoneys having fun in the lobby here.

Here’s the store. Full of art and design books. Lots of great reads indeed. Also a good place to pick up those “I wish i bought that” titles that are hard to find. Jeff was also curating a NY photo show in the pop up store as well.

Vezzen had to control his clepto grubby hands!

Walked across the street to Halekulani for the lecture. They had a sign saying evening attire required. Shiet i was rocking my lightsleepers shirt and shorts. Dressed it up with some kicks. The worker at the front desk was gonna say something. But he never. He knew I was rocking evening attire! Seen my homegirl Radasha dancing on the lawn. Former Miss Hawaii USA. Sometimes I think hula gotta be a great gig. Kinda like when B-boys get paid to go to jams. But less sweaty maybe.

The view from the balcony. How’s the mokes in the lineup waiting for the next set. I hate when get those donkeys yelling “back set”, they ALWAYS GET BACK SET! Donkeys! And how come they start calling um Dukes and not Canoes no more? Throw a statue and a restaurant and change a spot name? Or am I wrong. No start calling Walls “Starbucks”!

The birdman himself. Was expecting something mind blowing. Was good. Interesting. But didn’t really learn anything new.

KTC, STPL, LOFA. Mahalo to MyCryptonauts for taking the pic!

A visual reference for myself. DON’T SLEEP!

Kavet or Ralph if you reading this (most likely Ralph) send me a case! I don’t drink but an easy Kaws collectible to find at a good price indeed!

While stomping the Target aisles I happened to stop by the tech deck section looking for decks from my favorite pros. I don’t know what the scoop is but I guess back to school shopping means the load the toys section so by the time Christmas comes around the presents will be on clearance? The place was packed with new stuff. Of the different merch I seen I noticed my favorite skateboarder Daewon Song has received the action figure treatment. I scooped him up no questions asked. The box says he can do pop shove its but Its lame. I wanna break that pop shove it stick off the board. But I gotta say for $7 this was way better than a dunny.

I also picked up a Tony Hawk. Mine don’t look like this. Mine got a Birdhouse shirt on but I think this pic is the sample one. I’m too lazy to take pics of my stuff so screen capture and photo stealing it is.

I wonder if Mike Vallely and Bam have tech decks? I found this vid trying to research Mike V. Rootbeer…….

They got a bunch of other figures like Corey Duffel and P-rod and crybaby Shecky but I got the best two and saved my money for better stuff.

Skatenazi if you reading this what’s the verdict on them skate dvds with the two tech decks? There’s an organika vid and two birdhouse vids i think. $16 for a dvd and two tech decks. Sounds like a deal but only if the vids are bangging.

Hungry Ear celebrating 30 years of digging with a sale. Me and Vezzen went yesterday and I wanna go back. Read about it from the Honolulu Weekly and stop by! Sale ends saturday? Don’t Sleep. Here’s a few jems I picked up thursday.

Lateef 12″ single Wreckening/Quickening/Latryx Picture cover (this is my score of the day i think)

Aceyalone 12″ Faces/The Guidelines/Fortitude no picture cover

Nas-The World Is Yours 12″ single Picture cover

Fugees-Nappy Heads 12″single pic cover

Das Efx-Real Hip Hop 12″ Single (this was the jam we bumped at Schlotzsky’s Deli making BBQ Chicken Pizzas! GRINDS!)

Pete Rock feat Inspectah Deck and Kurupt-Tru Master 12″ Single Pic cover

I got more but I’m lazy to post it. I got enough wax I can spin Trip The Lights myself! Word!

Jesse Hernandez released another episode of Vinyl Addiciton featuring Tracy Tubera. Check it. Go to the website and watch because I’m too lazy to install a pluggin to my blog.