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My wardrobe consists of very few brands because most people hardly make sexybeast size, let alone fresh designs in sexybeast size. Some homies come through with the special orders like Flying Coffin, In4mation, and Olde Ivory. Some people I still wait and wish for (KICKS/HI!!!!!!!! one day….unless i make bootleg ones!) Then some people make sexybeast size on a regular like Fitted and The Seventh Letter. Then there’s Dissizit. Most of the time I rock Lightsleepers shirts because 1. always got my size and 2. is cheaper to make your own shiet than buying other stuff. But Dissizit is one of those brands that I love to rock. Back when I got banned from wearing LS stuff at work Dissizit saved the day. I still have at least ten shirts from Slick that’s still unopened in the bag. Well when I returned to Cali one of my to do lists was to stop by Slick’s studio. Wish granted. Here’s my tour.

Slick put his name on everything so nobody steals nothing! Even his chair got his name on um (I never take flick).

Wall in the paint studio

He got the light, the light, the light.

Forget about me coming to your spot to show you the line, come my spot and see the line!

Palmetto checking if the floor is level

Palmetto, Dez Einswell, and Woes take it to the streets.

They had a photo shoot for the new womens line.

Slick’s lowlow

Drips for days. I be back. Mahalos to Slick, Tina, Dez and the crew!

Have a video that does more justice to the dopeness!

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