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Almost done with my Cali flicks. Let’s roll!

Just hit the eastside of the LBC! St. Thomas bridge between Long Beach and San Pedro.

My absolute favorite grinds spot in San Pedro. Gaffey Diner. Now serving dindin!

This is for my reference.

This went in my belly. Chicken Fried Steak, Mexican rice, eggs, and their famous biscuits with sausage gravy! Cleaned the plate. Guilty pleasure! Did some yoga that evening cus I felt so bad but oh was ‘ono!

My cali crutch…SCRATCHERS… I spent $20 on these things the entire time I was in Cali. I won $2 and three free scratchers. Yeah it’s not poker or bingo or going vegas but it’s still gambling!

So after a trip down the highway we headed to San Diego in a janky van that almost broke down on us. We prayed the entire trip. Jesus answered the prayer and we made it safely. PRAY ALL THE TIME! Not just when you need something. Jesus like hear from you. Team Silent Stage palleting the goods. Not like Blaisdell show. They forklift your stuff to your booth.

Other companies setting up

Seen Ecto1 on the way to set up

and the Green Hornet car.

Fans lining up to get their passes. Only 5 more hours to wait.

Marvel brought Odin’s throne to push the Thor movie. Almost got kicked out because I took this pic 5 hours before the doors opened. They never like me leak um. They never know I work on Hawaiian time. Post um 5 days after I come home!

He-man! Danuhnahnuhnahnuhnuh He-MAN!

Wrapped up the night with a trip to my second home……FILIPPI’S!

I never had a sandwich but just look what they use to make um! I still gonna choose pasta over sammies! But I wish I tried the fresh mozz!

Partners in crime! Palmetto, Rolf, SexyBeast, Timer, Brisk1!!!!!
Go nainai and wake up in four hours. To be continued……..

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