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Nights at SDCC are a rollercoaster. Lunch is never garrens so nights means grinds which is always winnas. But it also means party time. I regret going out in the morning when I’m hanging to sanity with only a cup of apple juice to wake me up. I no drink coffee. Each time San Diego City Lights. My pigsty home away from home.

Homing beacon. Works like batman symbol.

One of the bigger events con related is the Munky King party. This year Vinyl Pulse, Silent Stage, Vannen, and a few others sponsored the event. First 50 people got goodie bags filled with dope stuff. They gave away some watches, toys, even the limited edition Vinyl Pulse Angry Stitch by Angry Woebots. People got cool crap. I got some stickers and an invite to stop by the Munky King booth to pick up some goodies later on! They had a photo booth outside. Wanted to take a pic but my team was ALL DRUNK and never did. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Here’s the unspoken word bout the party. Don’t be a douchebag. No sketches. No blackbooks. No sign my toys. For me that has always been super hard. The room is full of the best artist from SDCC and way easier to find them at the Munky King party than standing in line at con. But trust me don’t do it. The artist want to just chill and be normal this evening. They rage. They have fun. But they don’t want to continue to do what they have been doing for hours on end during the day. There’s always the fans that bug out and bring their blackbooks and toys for artist to sign or sketch, but I always hear the grumblings from the artist saying its a buzzkill. Don’t do it!

Here’s Joe Ledbedder, David Flores, Woes, and Yoskay Yamamoto killing some Omi cutouts

Bar Basic. Cool spot. Good pizza. Rage.

The next day while I was suppose to be working the booth I happened to see the new Hawaii 5-0 cast signing away. I yelled at Grace Park “I can’t wait to see you back home in Hawaii!” Caught her attention and took this pic. blurry.

Caught Stan Lee signing at the new Spiderman video game booth. First time seeing him at con after multiple trips. Heard he’s a hard guy to find. Gotta get tickets to meet him. He was saying “Who’s that moke in the back of the crowd?”

“How do I know that guy? Does he owe me money? Oh wait…..that’s the Sexy Beast!”

Hey Rotch! You shoulda came! Booyakashaka!

Filippi’s again!

Can tell I getting old cus I never ordered the Baked Rigatoni. Just regular. Baked comes with tons of cheese. Trying for be healthy when I really wasn’t. Had a salad!

I also had leftovers?????? This NEVER happened to me ever! I usually order a plate to go for lunch the next day but never really NEEDED a doggy bag.

Timer customized it. Another night and day in the SD pau. I taught choke people in SD the word PAU!

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