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Lots of cosplay at SDCC. I didn’t take much flicks. But sometimes I did. Like Daft Punk. One got chichis. Weird.

Andre the Giant returned from the grave to come to con. Livicated!

These girls were dressed up as superheros. People lined up for take pics with them. Dunno why.

I stood around to see Olivia Munn. “I’m sick. Sore throat.”

“Who’s gonna be kick ass on tv?” I froze.

I dodged a bullet as she interviewed the homie next to me.

I tried to walk past security and cut into the Sucker Punch line with Jamie Chung (did you see her in Grown Ups?) and Vanessa Hudgens. Didn’t work.

Don’t sleep on this movie next year! I want an Amber poster!

Ended the day at Roys. First time ever. Thanks Slick/Dissizit crew!


After an impromtu fireworks show we went grind!

Murdered. Chocolate Souffle was MEAN!

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