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Sundays is usually a weird day for con. Venders usually drop prices so they don’t have to take anything back home. Good for shopping. Bad thing is that most of the dope stuff is sold by Saturday so some places is slim pickings. Lots of the celebs and artists also leave and don’t even show up sunday. So with a heavy heart I attack Sunday morning.

Fully functioning R2-A6 (i didn’t know what the name was i googled it. didn’t know they had a wookiepedia. everyone kept saying green R2-D2). This thing was remote controlled but super hard to find the guy controlling it.

Kid Robot broke the mold with a dope Sunday signing with DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba! Thanks KR for my DJ Lance Rock Dunny! Banana song time!
Aggrolites on Yo Gabba Gabba!. The Aggrolites – Banana (Yo Gabba Gabba!) by WTF. Watch it on MySpace Videos.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is Linda Le. She’s a big Angry Woebots fan. She’s also a model and professional cosplayer. Kotobukiya hired her to promote their White Phoenix statue (hence her costume) and Capcom hired her to push their Street Fighter vs. Tekken games(2 of them). Check her site at

Con always ends with an announcement over the PA system saying the con is closed. But Sunday closing always ends with vendors shouting and clapping happy to be finished working. I finally understood their joy and cheered away. Five seconds later I instantly became sad. I love con and just realized that the party ended and I gotta start my yearly countdown to return to San Diego for SDCC 2011. I will be back. We packed up and left the center. Parting shot from the table. Livicated to Kenny!

Angry Woes shout out for Kenny!

I wasn’t trying to party the last night because I had buttloads of toys to pack and clothes to throw away since I couldn’t mail it and my plane leaves at 6am. One good thing about having homies in SD is they tell you where’s the dope spots. DJ Jaba One told use to hit up Valentines for the cheap dope mexican food. Better than Yelp! (I like Yelp!)

I ordered an enchilada and chile rellenos plate AND a carne asada burrito and still spent less than $7 bucks. What is wrong my Hawaii Hispanic people? Make this happen back home!

Palmetto approved! LOFA APPROVED!

Aloha SDCC! You stay classy whale’s vagina! Parting shot of the crew. Doodle Barn, Silent Stage, Angry Woebots, Lightsleepers, Dissizit, Ladies and Gentlemen! Next year kuffas!

Came home and ordered this right off the plane. GREAT TO BE HOME! Yeah you know whattup!

Now to empty my iphoto!

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