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While stomping the Target aisles I happened to stop by the tech deck section looking for decks from my favorite pros. I don’t know what the scoop is but I guess back to school shopping means the load the toys section so by the time Christmas comes around the presents will be on clearance? The place was packed with new stuff. Of the different merch I seen I noticed my favorite skateboarder Daewon Song has received the action figure treatment. I scooped him up no questions asked. The box says he can do pop shove its but Its lame. I wanna break that pop shove it stick off the board. But I gotta say for $7 this was way better than a dunny.

I also picked up a Tony Hawk. Mine don’t look like this. Mine got a Birdhouse shirt on but I think this pic is the sample one. I’m too lazy to take pics of my stuff so screen capture and photo stealing it is.

I wonder if Mike Vallely and Bam have tech decks? I found this vid trying to research Mike V. Rootbeer…….

They got a bunch of other figures like Corey Duffel and P-rod and crybaby Shecky but I got the best two and saved my money for better stuff.

Skatenazi if you reading this what’s the verdict on them skate dvds with the two tech decks? There’s an organika vid and two birdhouse vids i think. $16 for a dvd and two tech decks. Sounds like a deal but only if the vids are bangging.

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