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how you make kahako anyway? Well Jeff Ng aka. Jeff Staple came to Honolulu with the help of Interisland Terminal to create the Reed Space HNL popup store. If you have ever created a pop up store you know its a lot of work filling a space with things that people would want to buy let alone having people go to a location they would not normally visit. Reed Space HNL was no different

The pop up shop was at Waikiki Parc. I have never been there EVER. Kama’aina first for me. Nice place. I can imagine stoneys having fun in the lobby here.

Here’s the store. Full of art and design books. Lots of great reads indeed. Also a good place to pick up those “I wish i bought that” titles that are hard to find. Jeff was also curating a NY photo show in the pop up store as well.

Vezzen had to control his clepto grubby hands!

Walked across the street to Halekulani for the lecture. They had a sign saying evening attire required. Shiet i was rocking my lightsleepers shirt and shorts. Dressed it up with some kicks. The worker at the front desk was gonna say something. But he never. He knew I was rocking evening attire! Seen my homegirl Radasha dancing on the lawn. Former Miss Hawaii USA. Sometimes I think hula gotta be a great gig. Kinda like when B-boys get paid to go to jams. But less sweaty maybe.

The view from the balcony. How’s the mokes in the lineup waiting for the next set. I hate when get those donkeys yelling “back set”, they ALWAYS GET BACK SET! Donkeys! And how come they start calling um Dukes and not Canoes no more? Throw a statue and a restaurant and change a spot name? Or am I wrong. No start calling Walls “Starbucks”!

The birdman himself. Was expecting something mind blowing. Was good. Interesting. But didn’t really learn anything new.

KTC, STPL, LOFA. Mahalo to MyCryptonauts for taking the pic!

A visual reference for myself. DON’T SLEEP!

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