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In class we had an assignment to draw with the opposite hand that you normally draw with, but draw something you would like if you were a toddler. Keep it grimy like how little kids can’t draw for crap. Then we were told not to draw dirty pics. There goes that idea. I wanted something fast and simple so I could be done with exercise. But what do toddlers like now days? I was all Kikaida and Ultraman. Figured it out. I drew this. Left handed with an over hand grip like keikis eating cereal watching cartoons and spilling on the floor.

Toddlers still write what they draw? I remember drawing a tv and writing tv next to it back in first grade for some poster contest (yeah I won! Skills! hahaha)

I thought was pretty cool to do something artsy in a “UNIVERSITY”. Then my group was asked to present a chapter from the class. I was given the task to draw a picture from the textbook. Uh ok.

I threw my shoe in the pic for size reference. Do you see the old lady? Do you see the young lady? If you do then I did good job. If not then I messed up or you high on drugs or need better glasses. Kinda felt like Chip Foose when he draws the cars on Overhauling and then fills them in using copik pens. You crazy? Those things bleed and when you overlap lines they darken. How he make them car drawings look dope? One day…..

Now if I only had handstyles……….

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