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So HIFF is right around the corner and I was hoping for Banksy but I guess Doris Duke is showing it at the same time it comes out on DVD this month so whatevers. Yeah the local movies like Ecila (yeah Darieus!) and One Kine Day (Chuck…wait YEAH NALU!!!!!!) gonna make their debuts but I’m super stoked to see One Voice. Yeah I went Kamehameha. Yeah I watch it every year. I almost got kicked out of school one year during song contests because I made a dope class shirt and the trustees didn’t approve! Anywho finally people get to see what the students HAVE TO DO in order to graduate. Not a choice. Grad requirement. I’m glad I know I watched the song contest that the doc is about. Rotch we going! Buy them tickets.

More info about Hawaii International Film Festival at

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