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Well I’m back on my rock after kicking on Kaua’i. I had fun. Back to the grind. This Saturday will be having a trading party outside Fresh Cafe while the Lightsleepers Beatroot Bodega 2 is going on. Artist signing table with some of my friends and wheeling and dealing amongst toy collectors. Mahalo to Haynmade for making this happen. We used to chat it up on a toy forum that was connected to a toy store that was no longer in business. I suggested that someone make a toy forum that isn’t linked to any store so that there would be no bias. Just toy collectors and art fans fellowshipping, trading, selling, hating (just joke), and having fun. Haynmade took that suggestion and ran with it. I’m glad he did and many Hawaiians made new friendships. 808orbit will be having more events in the future too. Don’t sleep. They always have supported Lightsleepers and local Hawaiian talent. Always a positive vibe!

If you are an art fan or toy collector looking for Hawaiians to sell your toys or wanna see what’s going on hit up

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