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Thursday I finally got around to heading to Kapolei Hale and voting early. I like voting before you actually have to vote because you get a free day off and don’t have to waste a Saturday (or a holiday like the general election that falls on a Tuesday). But for some reason the lines were extremely long to vote early. Maybe people getting wise and wanna enjoy the weekend. The main point is to vote. You want things to go your way, then vote for the person gonna make them happen. I voted. Now you do it. I aint gonna say who to vote for, but I ask that you vote for someone that isn’t gonna make a total ban on fireworks! If you want rail, if you don’t want rail, if you want more furloughs, if you want extra mac salad gravy all over, then you better vote! I’m actually working the elections again this year so if you vote in my precinct say whattup!

PS. Sorry for the slacking on here…….I stretched myself way to thin. Lots of plans. Hope they all come through.