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Let’s make a soundtrack for the post.
Israel Kamakawiwo ole – Hele On To Kauai
I got an invite to kick it on Kaua’i. I said no. Stooops! You crazy. I went!

The airport is mean. Get people playing music. And small. Got coming. Got going. Simple. And got chickens all over the island.

The one place people told me I had to go was Hamuras. So I went. Was good. Saimin. Chicken sticks. Won ton. Shrimp. Standards. Good.

They also known for Lilikoi Chiffon pie. I bought an entire pie and brought it back to the house on Kauai. Ate it every day. Great for breakfast or snack. Took two pies home on the plane. One omiyagi. One for me.

My home away from home in Princeville! Thanks to the Simonetti ‘ohana for letting me stay. Heard Dustin Hoffman was chillin down the road. Rainman! The front yard was the Princeville golf course. Mean.

Down the road is my favorite water spot. Hanalei Bay. Nice houses. No waves.

Hanalei Bay had this pier that you could jump from. That was my fav. One local kid was jumping from the roof of the pier. Mean. The mokes out here also love to camp even more than people in Nanakuli and Waianae. They start camping Thursday morning and leave Monday evening (was labor day weekend). Eh John Hook you bettah watch out look my nice pic. Hahahaha. Not.

My buddy Palmetto don’t wanna drink alone (that’s called alcoholic) so he bought me a lava flow (that’s called social drinking). I didn’t like it. I rather drink pog. Serious.

We went kayaking up Kalihiwai River to the waterfalls. Never take pics cus my camera would fall in the water. This is Wailua falls. Mean.

We also went tubing. Hows this Swiss hummers! Mean.

We went tubing in this old sugar irrigation ditch. Murky! hahaha

After tubing the tour company feeds you lunch. We booked last minute and they bought us subway while everyone else at pitas with turkey, cheese, and salami. Mean. How come everyone surves Maui chips? Even on O’ahu the tour peeps do the Maui chips. And not the onion ones. But they kept it local here and hooked up the Kauai Kookies! Mean.

Our guides singing that Pocahontas theme song. Bruddah could also play the Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 and the star level on his kamaka. Mean.

Team Silent Stage Lightsleepers. Kaua’i was MEAN!