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By now the internets is a buzzin about the 2Tone Dunny series by Kid Robot that suppose to be a secret but they dropping tomorrow. If you haven’t read my blog by now or been on the lightsleepers website withing ‘uku billion years you would know that our homie Timer aka Malasada Martin aka Chubby Killer aka Angry Woebots got his art thing on lock along side his rapping and bboy tops skills. Well KR finally gave him his due respect and his first production Dunny. Make things crazier is that its one of the chase figures, making it harder to get one and an ebay sellers dream. This blog was suppose to be about how stoked I am for him. Every time he got something dropping I gonna post it on my blog. You gotta let the people know when your homie doing something dope. Here’s my “Timer got a dope dunny” post. At the same time I was sitting on this other post about back in the day Woebots. I decided to merge the two. And time to toot my own horn maybe? Well here it goes. This is after his first Kicks/Hi show…maybe when we did the legal wall with the Evil Monito stencils (whattup Ricky!). I got an email from Nakanari way back telling me he got a custom toy show and was looking for Woes. Now vinyl toys was just arriving on the scene. Dunnys just launched and nobody ever heard of artists making production toys for collectors. I told Nakanari I could easily get him to do the show. I did. That year the Funny Club traveled throughout the US. The toy didn’t do well I guess but Nakanari is still doing well with his toys. Here’s a pic of the Angry Woes funny club toy….his first custom figure show

When I seen this I was blown away. I remember being sad I had to mail this to Orlando. Looking at it now I like it but at the same time its weird to me. This was right around the time the pandas were losing their antenna but weren’t fluffy yet. Still have band-aids though. (look at the new dunny and check the progression).

I also asked if I could do a custom for the show. I did it. Wanted it to have an actual camo shirt (not a paint job) and be emo with frosted hair (I was watching too much Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back….reference the Ben Affleck Good Will Hunting 2 scene). I am bad at painting faces. Emo hair hides everything. Here’s my crappity crap crap. No dunny for me.

I had to dig for this pic for an hour. I had pics I took but not digital. Found this on the page. Go look at the other customs. This show was pretty big on dope artists. Damon Soule, Attaboy, Luke Cheuh, Slick, Dez Einswell, Sket One, Andrew Bell, Bwana Spoons, Mad, Thomas Han, Tracy Tubera, Kathie Olivas, Brant Peters, Joe Ledbetter, Gary Baseman, and more. Mine had to be one of the worst ones, but to be in a group show back then with so many heavy hitters that still matter NOW makes me happy.

On to the next one….. I gotta make a better custom toy. Soon come.