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(pic stolen from Freelance)
Answer: Drank water and ate soybeans from the Lightsleepers booth while watching breakers battle.

So after cramming away at my homework to open up my weekend I pack my car and headed to B-Boy City Hawai’i 2010. Now not often does a mainland jam come to Hawai’i. Last year alone was only three jams with mainland ties. Mighty4 has been holding it down in Hawai’i for a while now (Froy you local now) and Undivided brought down Super Cr3w and a slew of mainland bboys and Rivers from Korea. So when you got bboys from Texas and Cali rolling through for a Hawai’i jam its gonna be a good one. Gotta shout out New Image Productions and B-Boy Romeo for making it happen.

Luckily the highlights are already on video. Remember when you had to wait for the dvd to come out? How come we don’t have Inertia dvds? BOOOO!

First highlight. Lil Demon vs. Milky. Step Up 3 castmembers. Milky got roasted!

Second highlight Hawaiian Texas Punch Massacre vs. Lions of Zion/Circle of Fire. Super dope! Lucid, Duo Rockswell, and E.T. vs. Some of Texas’ finest with a splash of Hawaiian bboys. On the real Lions/Cirlce HAD THIS BATTLE! Even after first tiebreaker. I know the judges wanted to see this battle continue but they blind. If you heard booing IT WAS ME!!!!!!!!!

Overall I had fun. Kinda bummed I missed the Blue Angels (I LOVE BLUE ANGELS! EVER SINCE MY FIRST EXPERIENCE KEIKI TIMES!) Gotta step things up. Watch out for INERTIA 8 coming MAY 2011! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!