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Johnny Cupcakes dropping a new line for Halloween. Now I like Halloween cus I like candy. I like dressing up for no reason (not because its halloween or something you suppose to. Dress up for Tuesday!). Johnny must love Halloween.

Gotta love that he keeps his theme within a different theme. Cupcaking and spooks.

I can understand why people may hate clowns.

This shirt kills. Too bad I’m not a white shirt fan. Spaghetti sauce kills white shirts too!

High 5!

Yeah I’m a huge fan of Johnny Cupcakes. I don’t own one shirt from him yet (I will soon!). He makes 3xl for Sexy Beasts. Big ups for that! Check out his stuff at

Lightsleepers aint got no Halloween gear (big ups Flying Coffin as well with their sick pack!). But you better believe we got our favorite holidays on lock. Christmas for sure. Chinese New Years ALWAYS! May Day? We’ll see.