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Sunday after church I had to exchange some stuff. On my way home I wasn’t gonna go but something was nagging me to go. I went to the Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival on the docks by POP and the fish auction. Man I had fun.

Was cool being in the fish auction room. I don’t got family or friends with connects so I would never be in there. They had mean display of all kine fish and one guy chopping up a huge ahi. I was hungry.

Had lots of things for sale. Boats. Poles. Hooks. Lures. Shirts. DVDs. You name it. I got a lot of free stuff too. Got a bag, some heavy duty hand wipes for when you fix car, and even a rubber squid bait. MEAN! Even ate some free swordfish! Chopped it up with Naoki. MEAN!

Also learned a lot as well. Biggest thing I took was gotta protect our fish supply and oceans. Now I’m a huge supporter of catch and release. If you not gonna eat um put um back. And don’t rape the ocean either. I have fun watching fish in the water when I’m on my bodyboard and no more waves. NOAA got a barbless circle hook project where they encourage fishermen to use one crimper or vice and smash down the barbs on their hooks when fishing. It helps make catch and release easier and helps turtles and monk seals remove the hooks they accidentally hook on to by themselves. You don’t wanna hook a honu or a seal do you? If so I would kick your ass! Barbless hooks also help when you hook your own finger. More info on barbless circle hook project at And if you saying you no can keep bait on or catch the fish without your barb the concensus is YOU A SHITTY POLE BENDA! This guy caught one monsta ‘ulua on a barbless hook NOAA gave him. They gave me some hooks too. Maybe I should start fishing again. I used to fish with my sister for rockfish on Big Island and catfish in Nu’uanu (livicated?). Crabbed in Ala Wai canal (never ate um) and caught all kine random stuff with my bare hands in Kapalama Canal (hello leptospirosis! hahaha!). I’m not a huge fisherman, but you better believe 5pm Sunday I get my fishing shows on and enjoy.

The Fishing & Seafood Fest had grinds too. Taniokas was slanging stuff. Foodland had pokebowls. Nicos was packed (and sold out on choke items!). Some seafood chowder and sparerib stews. All kine stuff. But while waiting for long lines something called to me. Guess what I ate.

Koala Moa. No lines. Shade. Good chicken. I WIN. But I wish I had some poke. Kick in the ass. HAHAHAHAHA

Go stop by next years festival.