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I remember me and Ola talking bout FITTED at Mililani Skatepark during a contest before the shop even opened. A hat store with limited edition one of a kind hats that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Great idea. Never done in Hawai’i before. Fast forward to today and here’s the scene this morning.

As any new hat drop on a Tuesday or a Saturday, the people lining up waiting for the store to open.

Five years after the store opened people still waiting to get the latest releases. Here’s Ola setting up the FITTED tent. He got an entire crew of employees. Yet he was busting his ass making sure things run smooth. Don’t get it twisted the crew was busy inside getting inventory ready, but tents is something a staff member could easily do. Gotta respect the groundation! (I gotta get me a tent printed… day…….)

They even helped to launch a new business in Honolulu (more on that tomorrow).

Most people think it’s easy to open a company, make some products, and the money rolls in. Not so. There’s many aspects of FITTED that I appreciate. They help break the trend of producing SEASON products. They drop every week. Who cares if its Spring, Fall, Winter, or Holiday. They also rotate their entire stock. How many times do you see a company put the entire shop on sale, empty its inventory, and RESTOCK the entire store the following day? I know lots of places that still sitting on year old inventory that they still sell at regular price. The biggest thing I appreciate is they were making 3XL the first day they opened! Yeah its personal bias, but I remember begging Define to carry 2XL when I was rocking LRG. Hawaii got big bruddahs. They need nice clothes too!

Congrats to Ola, Cuzzo, and the entire FITTED ‘ohana. Here’s to many more years to come. It’s been a long journey since Esoteric. (I was suppose to take a crew pic and post it here….but I was sweating my ass off and I just wanted to take a shower! Besides, the video is better!)