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Well Saturday was the official first day of the MELT truck. Now everyone was lining up for FITTED’s hat/shirt releases and the Woebot x Converse X Product(RED) chucks and shirts that day. My priority line was this truck.

Now Hawai’i is no stranger to food trucks as many workers survive daily from Plate Lunch Wagons and Manapua man trucks for years. But add on the hipsterness of Twitter and the trendiness of mainland trucks like Kogi, Don Chow’s, NomNom, and Grill Em All and you get the food truck craze. I was looking forward to Melt’s opening for a few weeks now. I know they got a Cali grilled cheese truck so to have one in Honolulu made me happy!

Who don’t love grilled cheese? Bread, butter, cheese, grill. Simple. Great.

People hard at work. Tried to see if I could find some secret ingredients or something. No luck.

Mokes enjoying the grub.

It was hot. People sweating their balls off. This homie got his woes shirt and stood in line.

Yeah the line was long and the wait was expected (first day, everyone gotta jump on the bandwagon to see if its worthwhile). I was so hungry I just started eating and forgot I was suppose to take food shots. My bad. Here you go. A triple melt. A dime bag of pickled veggies, and a tomato soup shot. I also had a Bacon melt too but it might be under the triple. I ate. I enjoyed. I laffed at all the old fogies trying to be hip foodies and think that your coolness would be improved by being a first eater and blogging the crap about it. (Here’s where I differ. I did the same thing hoping to eat a good grilled cheese, taking mediocre pics, blogging about it, BUT BEING COOL BEFORE I EVEN WOKE UP THAT DAY! Don’t sleep on ME!).

Here’s my review.
I studied the menu for three days deciding what I was gonna order. Didn’t have balls to order the one with pears (sounded too haole to me-said the person who’s kupuna are from Wisconsin-ironic, dontchathink?). I wasn’t gonna get the Melt of Shame (two grilled cheese sandwiches with a Kuahiwi beef patty) cus I don’t enjoy visiting the ER and two times last year was 2 too many. Got my hopes up for bacon melt, but there was too many things against it. The apple onion jam RUINED it for me. And the bacon could have been more crispy but hey maybe they wanted to keep the line moving. Wheat bread i could have done without but it wasn’t as big of a factor as the apple onion jam. Then I got a triple melt because I know I’m still gonna be hungry after the first sammie and I might as well try as much as I can and decide if I’m gonna return or not. Triple Melt was perfect. Sourdough with gouda, gruyere, and cheddar. MEAN! Keep it simple stupid! I know this is suppose to be gourmet and all but all you need to do is make crispy bacon, slap it in the triple, and pau! Charge three bucks more for bacon, it would have been better than the one I got. I ordered a tomato soup. I liked it. I never had homemade tomato soup so I didn’t know what to expect. It kinda tasted like hot tomato puree with pesto. But hey I don’t know nothing. Was good with my grilled cheese. Got the dime bag of veggies. Was interesting. Wasn’t bad, but I’m not jonezing for one now so I say skip it and order a slush(which I didn’t try because I got a budget and a bottle of water that I already had).

My take- Melt is good. If the truck is outside and you pass by and you hungry go buy a triple or a melt of shame. Tomato soup depending on your mood. Can’t knock a good truck.

But here’s the downfall I know people gonna start say. “Five bucks for grilled cheese?’. Yep. But think of it this way, you paying for convenience of having it on the spot. If this was parked next to Manifest I would be happy eating this at 1AM. It’s something different. And the staff is some of the best chef’s in Hawai’i taking a risk. With backgrounds from Nobu, V-Lounge pizza, and Alan Wong’s Pinapple Room; these guys know their stuff. You are paying for quality, not quantity.

Playing devil’s advocate I also LOVE standard Kraft cheese on plain white bread buttered and grilled and Campbell’s canned tomato soup. I’m not a food snob. Am I saying Melt is better than do it yourself? HELL NO! But give Melt a chance. Triple Melts are MEAN!

Follow them on twitter at @meltHNL and their website might be up soon at