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Maybe this is my bad. Anywho. Back in August DJ JABAone came to play for Pancho’s art show. I knew he had a new mixtape and it sold out within two hours. Figures. I thought it would somehow get back to Hawai’i or I could buy one from him when I see him in July (Comic Con is 8 months away! San Diego i be back!). Fast forward to October. After some cold noodle banbanji from Goma Iichi (I’m hooked on cold noodles but I love tantan….torn!) me, vezzen, and Angry Woestimeroxenmalasadakilla stopped by Kicks/Hi. While chopping it with DJ Delve I always look at their mixtapes. I’m scared to spend money on something that I haven’t been recommended by someone and sometimes I don’t wanna hear a mix with wack emcees *AHEM DRAKE COUGH* or whatever the cool cat is. But I noticed Jaba’s mix “Taking The Low Road”. I start thinking “How the hell I didn’t know about this?”. Got kinda offended small kine. Then I remember seeing it back in August. My bad. This is a great mix, I guess its a diary of sorts for him. Delve said he really liked it too, a major cosign I RARELY hear from another great DJ (he’s a strait face shooter, stone cold!). And I hope you didn’t sleep on his other mixtapes too. If you got a chance head over to Kicks/Hi and pick up a copy. Or check out

PS. Poked in the eye of love Vol 2 coming by Feb???
PPS. Lightsleepers x DJ Delve mixtape soon too!