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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Cyber monday and I waste time making elf vids. No shopping for me
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Don’t forget Lightsleepers CyberMonday sale at


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kamehameha is like Glee? Maybe. We got football players, cheerleaders, Spanish teachers, Asians, mahus, and principles. They got their secrets. They got needs and desires. They want to be liked by others. And they like to sing? Well……..maybe.

If you missed out on One Voice at HIFF or Sunset On The Beach here’s your chance to watch um tonight on PBS Hawai’i for free! CHEE!

More info at

Reason why I like this movie is because I went through what they did, so it’s nice to see perspective from somewhere other then my own.

Sexy Beast sighting at 0:58. Either I was hella tall or all the short people stood next to me.

If I were a Glee castmember I would pick Mike Chang cus Tina is fine! And no I don’t watch. But sometimes when you gotta write an essay a good crappy show you don’t like helps you get motivated so you can finish and grab the clicker!

I had a great turkey day. Cooked two turkeys and didn’t burn it. Got gravy lessons. Stove Top saved me a buttload of time. Good times. Then I got into Black Friday mode. I do know I’m a bad driver when I’m tired so I try not to drive on low sleep after staying up late. Got me a driver and a crack team of shoppers so we got it on lock, first stop Best Buy.

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. Merry Christmas in a can. Wonder if it works the same like 7up/Sprite for sore stomach?

Big ups to the security crew at Best Buy. They firm but fair. Trying to keep the cutting on the low (it still happened smallkine but people gotta man up and say “eh get to the back”! to be honest I’m guilty of line merging a lot, but I love Hawai’i cus too many panties, all talk sometimes!) But order was pretty much in store during the time we waited.

Line wrapped through the parking lot and out on the highway!

The VIP line.
Time flew and the doors opened at 5am. Got me a 4g thumb drive, some dvds, and a label maker. Next stop Fitted.

The line still hanging on at 9am. Got me a shirt and a hat for a friend. Gotta love that they put the entire store on sale, empty out, and RESTOCK the store with all brand new stuff. Not many stores can do so.

Was suppose to go Kicks/HI but they open too late. With hunger in my belly and the sandman dusting me non stop with the sleepy powder my team hit up Wailanas for some all you can eat pancakes and eggs. Was suppose to head home after that but Target wanted me to complete my Office collection so one final stop. Then I slept ten hours.

Black Friday is fun. Wish I was hustling at a store making money instead of spending it. Let the seasons begin. Be nice when trying to find parking!

I’m a huge fan of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Gotta watch um every year. And then watch it again on the other station that bootlegs it from around the corner. But man this year whoever put the parade together gets kudos from me. They always putting stars and who’s famous in the parade. But first they surprised me with Elf the Musical (word!), followed by Kanye West (word word!), then two MURAKAMI balloons (Say WHAT?!). And they had the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes doing their thing high knees and kicking ass! How come only get one hapa asian girl only? They bumping up the popolo girls numbers but not the asians? Still good parade. Imagine who the real lady like Miracle on 34th street that makes this happen?

Serious note Thanksgiving is about being thankful. Remember there’s always in a WORSE situation than you are. Always something to be thankful for.

My thankful list: Jesus for allowing me to live in this moment right now. I’m not in no ER/hospital room….I’m good! My friends and family, people who truly support me-not because they can get something in return but because they want the best for me. My personal secretary, accountant, lion tamer, and underwear washer-You Da Best! My pack of dogs, they don’t listen sometimes but they know who’s the man! Thankful I live Hawai’i, no place better. Thankful for the beach and my awesome wave riding skills that consistently improving. And my cooking skills cus the first turkey I’m cooking is smelling SUPER DOPE!

Be blessed and a blessing to others (post about this super soon!).

Thanks for reading my ramblings! With love, lofa.

I was invited to come watch the UH Warriors crush San Jose. Football, food, drunken crazy people? Sign me up!

Seats from the nosebleeds. Super fun. Why you need to sit close? The cheerleaders not gonna wink at you! Villi not gonna high five you! You not catching one overthrown football. I owned an entire two rows to myself. One seat for my butt, one seat for my right foot, one for my left foot, and one for my Pepsi. MEEEEEN! Thanks to the Pecson ‘ohana. PS. 4loko tastes like shit-their review. I didn’t try it.

My view from the 50. Like playing Madden with real people.

This fool had lots of laps to run cus Warriors was dominating. Felt bad for the push up people doing pushups for each point too!

Rainbow dancers. I couldn’t tell if they was dope or not (there’s gotta be a few hotties i’m assuming). They had the band riffs on lock. They danced their ass off. More energetic than the cheerleaders. They had at least 20+ routines for anything the band played. Cheerleaders you may have pyramids and basket tosses, but you gotta step your game up to outshine the dancers. If I was a stadium owner I would hire the Rainbow dancers to pump up the crowd.

Crap I can’t find an mp3 for soundtrack. das ok. *high pitch singing* You read my mind, security gonna shake you down! They can take all of the snacks that you bring! Oh weowale!*

You go movies you sneak kakimochi. You go football game and your homie that gave you the ticket drinks beer you return the favor. Last minute idea when packing up the tailgate. While people double fisting heinys and chugging before getting to the gate I threw one in my cargo pocket. Someone in our pack got their sunflower seeds taken away because the bag was hanging out his pocket. But they didn’t even look twice at me. That bottle stuck out like a sore thumb. Kept it moving. Got a box of ice from the McKinley Project Grad people in the snack bar and had a mini bootleg cooler. Box broke but beer stayed cold for three quarters. I win!

Hope to go to another game this season. Go WARRIORS!

Play this then read. (Shout out Ricky Kim for having themes to his posts! Evil Monito!)

I guess the change in my pocket really wasn’t enough.

The scoops. So today is Sunday before Turkey day. Four days pre Thanksgiving. If you cook turkey you know you against the clock for defrost the frozen sucka! So I go to Safeway where I have been usually buying my turkey for almost ten years and they got them turkeys all cold ready to go. Then I see the sign. $3.49 each, WITH A $50 PURCHASE! PRICE OF TURKEY NOT INCLUDED! You gotta be kidding? Now I’ve been slowly going less and less to Safeway. They are continually not being the best price in town. But this was the final straw. I walked right out. Really thinking of no longer shopping their for anything. But I do have to say they have decent french bread.

So I left the store, salty balls and all! Go hunt online for good turkey prices. In Arizona and other states Safeway/Vons/whatever they call it only requiring $25 purchase to get the deals. Oppressing Hawaiians, locals, mokes, and anyone in Hawai’i at the moment. Continue the internet search I decided to see what FOODLAND (who is winning my shopping heart more and more…POKE BOWS for reusing bags!) they had for turkey prices. Their website said they got the lowest turkey prices and would match anything. So I decide to head to Ewa Beach (I really don’t like Ewa Beach) and check out Foodland. Was packed and they guy was unloading cases of turkeys. Then I got worried because they had three different signs. One sign had the dreaded $50 purchase required. I asked the guy working unpacking cases (who was really friendly Pinoy guy) and he let me know they addressing anyone’s ads to beat everything. Times had a coupon for cheap turkeys and if you brought your Times coupon they would match that price. Then they had the spend $50 and matched the Safeway price. But if you didn’t want to do that their option was use your Maika’i Card and get a turkey for $3.88. ONLY $.40 more than Safeway. WORD! And if you had two of those Maika’i rewards gift certificates you could get A FREE TURKEY! Say what? I bought two. Thinking about going back and getting one more so I can get turkey sandwiches mid December too.

Safeway dropped the ball hard. Your bakery is the only think holding me to even walking in your store. I CAN’T WAIT FOR FOODLAND KAPOLEI! I really hope a Safeway executive reads this! Someone needs to take business classes! Stingy bastards! If you know a Safeway head honcho forward this post to him or her!

Thanks for reading my rant.

Thursday my family decided to go watch Wahine Volleyball. Senior night. Last home game before playoffs. Final game of season in Hawai’i. What strait guy wouldn’t want to go?

The General. He needs a statue at Aloha Stadium! Or an Lightsleepers colorway! Word!

Starting line up. Yeah Hedder Team Manager!
If I was a visiting team and I was gonna lose to someone I would lose to UH. You get to go to Hawai’i. You get spanked. Then the crowd gives YOU leis just for visiting. Then if its senior night VISITING seniors get gifts too. Then they got treated to concert from Henry Kapono singing Friends. MEAN! I had fun. BUT I had MORE fun later that same night.

Murs rocking it. Dope show. Super hot inside. Crazy amount of chicks at a hiphop show. Hows Bucky rockinit!

One for the Shaka Thread!

Did you get one? Woes Cali Panda King. Edition of 30. D-Con exclusive.

Next week thursday is Thanksgiving. Now I truly believe that without God nothing is possible. I’m thankful for a lot of things. Thankful I’m not in no ICU or ER for sure (that’s super scary!). My church don’t have service on turkey day so you can enjoy it with your fam. But this Sunday is our Thanksgiving service. Dr. Danny Yamashiro gonna talk about his super huge fall from the Pali and how things are different 25 years later. They tell us to invite a friend every Sunday cus you suppose to share God’s good news. I’m not about forcing things because YOU have to come to that decision. But I’m still inviting you to service this Sunday (that’s why I put up Friday so you can schedule it). LCC. Services are 7:30, 9, and 10:45AM. I go 7:30 and kick it with the older folks. They know what’s up. Go early, eat pancakes early. Word!

Serious note think about what you are really thankful for everyday. Always someone in a worse situation than you. Always something to be thankful about.

Was suppose to post this a while back but I forgot. As people trying to help save our ‘aina and getting all ecofriendly the nice folks at FOODLAND decided to get people motivated to use reusable bags by having a bag challenge promotion. Untill Nov.30 every time you go shop at Foodland and use your own bag they stamp your card. Get eight stamps and get a FREE POKE BOWL! Now you should be using your own bags anyway. Unless you really need one for your wet beach clothes or something say no bag please. You can also use the new Lightsleepers tote bag that should be available sometime soon for this too!

For more info or to get a stamp card visit
Poke bowl Mondays! Or Tuesdays! or any day ending with the letter Y.