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Thirteen years ago during the Halloween weekend I wrote my name in the Book of Life with a Sharpie…literally. Ever since then Jesus has been my homeboy. Forgot about it but remembered while sitting in church this morning. I’m not a huge Halloween guy. I don’t like scary things. I refused to watch a scary movie while my homie was on vacation here (sorry Pauly!) but I just don’t like scary. I like funny. And I don’t like haunted houses, but I like when others get scared, but hate being scared. Halloween isn’t that special to me. As a kid I used to look forward to the annual egg fight between Temple Valley and Woodridge (I wonder if they still do that….thought about it when I seen Dog capture someone in Woodridge on tv). Trick or treating was ok but you get so much crappy candy that you might as well buy your own. It sits in the fridge till new years day. If you gonna give out candy give something good that you would actually EAT! And I don’t like dressing up for something you suppose to dress up for-Halloween, Comic-Con, etc. I rather dress up for a random TUESDAY. To be honest I can’t wait till I have keiki to take trick or treating and I like making jackolanterns, but Halloween isn’t my thing. I’m not saying don’t have fun on Halloween. I’m just saying Jesus is important everyday, even during Halloween. I think I’m gonna start making a Jesus jackolantern every year as a remembrance of my historic signing. Then I go learn how to make this as well.

And don’t be messing with spirits and demonic stuff. They exist. You gonna look for them, they will be happy to find you. Then you gonna cry for Jesus to save you.