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beautiful women, spaghetti, and STICKERS! No joke. I love stickers. Like mini artworks that stick where you put them. But I’m picky with my stickers. I don’t like paper stickers. They don’t last. Get them wet and they start curling up. Vinyl is final. And silkscreened is even better.

So I decided that the Lightsleepers Pop Up store needed a sticker pack. Was suppose to reorder new bumper stickers but I took to long. They coming soon. But I did manage to remake one of the very first LS vinyl sticker ever made designed by Fibes. I’ve only seen the white sticker on the Stortos Hale’iwa door. So when I heard the image was on file I reordered it. Also printed smaller versions of the drip and script logos. The sticker pack comes with six stickers and also includes a pin set with designs from KOAK, Matt Tapia, Peekaboo Monster, and Angry Woebots. Only 50 of these sticker/pin packs were made. Don’t Sleep and get your’s at the Pop Up store opening tomorrow at 5pm. CHEE!