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This is the part I hate (not suppose to hate things but this one I do, bigger than really dislike). The stress before any event. Now we’ve done tons of events, bboy battles, concerts, trip the lights, beat battles, swap meets, sneaker trading shows, skate contests, video premiers, you name it. But second Pop-Up shop and it don’t get easier. Lots to be nervous about. But lets move past that. Here’s two things I’m excited about!

Lightsleepers x TYO Toys x Katch1 mini trucks. Gotta thank Phil and Katch1 for making it happen. Met Phil at SDCC and I liked his trucks he did with Ewok 5MH. Gotta respect that. Then he started making mini trucks with David Flores and Sucklord. So I decided I wanted Lightsleepers ones. Then I thought Katch1 would make it BETTER! Today is the results of that idea. Sick trucks killed by Katch, a true Hawai’i KING and one of my all time favorite writers. I may not have the skills to make my own toys (YET! SOON COME!) but glad to say I have executively produced one? Word.

Now this makes me really happy. Gotta thank Palmetto for introducing me to the SofaKing Awesome Rolf. Friends For Your Space did colab pillows with Silent Stage and Angry Woebot and David Flores. I knew I wanted a Lightsleepers one. Fast forward and my head got a nice soft comfy 16″x16″ dye sublimated microsuede pillow to lean on. Designed by KTC, thought of by ME!

Gotta take risks sometimes. They always say if you make something you better be happy owning ALL OF THEM. I would love to have a fleet of Katch1 trucks and my house is gonna have numerous pillows. I’m still nervous, but the happiness I feel from these is pretty mean too! Gonna go great with a Waialua Soda! Mahalo Ke Akua!