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First rule in buying retail, don’t listen to the sales associate who isn’t the manager. I’ve been waiting for these lego turkeys to drop for a month now. I kept asking every time I visited the Lego store about them. The sales associate would be all “They don’t release them until the week before Thanksgiving”. Yeah right. How am I able to see CHRISTMAS sets in the store in October? I don’t think so. Luckily they have a waiting list (that they actually call the customers back! KUDOS!) where they let you know when your item is in stock. Well they arrived Friday before the pop up store. I received my call and asked if I could put 3 on hold for me. They were like “I can hold it for a day, but there’s plenty and shouldn’t be a problem getting one”. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies! Whatevers. Pop-up store Saturday my homie picked them up for me. Sweet. I wanted more because a flock of turkeys rules and they only $5 so why not? Monday morning I go back and they are sold out! Not going to be restocked (another lie I hope). I was told I could order online (and pay double because of shipping). No thank you. On the real I think they will be restocked but only time will tell. But sales associates will tell you whatever it will take to make you walk away. I know. I used to do it all the time.
Can’t wait till I cook some turkeys too. Hopefully they don’t taste like this one.