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Wait. I still go school. Oh well. Yesterday decided to go check out this political science class KTC was speaking at taught by Dr. Dreads. Super dope class. I never went to LCC. Went straight to UH (I suggest going community college then go UH. Save money and a second chance to get good grade as you start with 4.0 once you transfer into UH). While waiting for class to start I noticed how many students were “stranded” on campus. Gotta wait for the next class but having huge gaps in between classes that could be used for better purposes. I really think the university system is determined to prevent anyone from truly being productive and graduating in four years at the same time being able to make a decent income. Yeah you can’t make everyone’s class schedule ideal so you get your classes over with as soon as possible but that’s because the school isn’t capable to offer enough classes. Its funny because high schools are able to offer multiple classes in different categories and everyone grads in four years. College you specialize in whatever so some people take more classes than others. Yet you still have numerous people taking one class in the morning and another one hours later. That’s time that could be spent better. My time at UH was NEVER well spent. I was the first one on campus (crappy parking makes you come early or no parking) and one of the last to leave. I would sometimes go to class. But it was this time between classes where I had the most fun. Maybe I did learn the most during that time, socializing with others, locking down my game on the ladies, refining my drawing skills on the table (literally. I had ups!). Life teaches in different ways. But somethings never change (like UH got MORE HOTTER GIRLS than LCC, but that’s a different story). Tomorrow I start a new class and once completed I will have kinda earned my Associates in Arts degree (i don’t get one cus my program is BA. AA don’t mean jack son!). Less than two years. Never had to waste time between classes. Some things can be fixed. But it’s not my job to fix them………..YET! You never know. Professor Lofa? Dr. Sexy Beast? maybe? Most likely not…..

KTC talking bout tape trading and his progression in hiphop.

sometimes i wish school was like this.

where does the pollen go?