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Next week thursday is Thanksgiving. Now I truly believe that without God nothing is possible. I’m thankful for a lot of things. Thankful I’m not in no ICU or ER for sure (that’s super scary!). My church don’t have service on turkey day so you can enjoy it with your fam. But this Sunday is our Thanksgiving service. Dr. Danny Yamashiro gonna talk about his super huge fall from the Pali and how things are different 25 years later. They tell us to invite a friend every Sunday cus you suppose to share God’s good news. I’m not about forcing things because YOU have to come to that decision. But I’m still inviting you to service this Sunday (that’s why I put up Friday so you can schedule it). LCC. Services are 7:30, 9, and 10:45AM. I go 7:30 and kick it with the older folks. They know what’s up. Go early, eat pancakes early. Word!

Serious note think about what you are really thankful for everyday. Always someone in a worse situation than you. Always something to be thankful about.

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