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Thursday my family decided to go watch Wahine Volleyball. Senior night. Last home game before playoffs. Final game of season in Hawai’i. What strait guy wouldn’t want to go?

The General. He needs a statue at Aloha Stadium! Or an Lightsleepers colorway! Word!

Starting line up. Yeah Hedder Team Manager!
If I was a visiting team and I was gonna lose to someone I would lose to UH. You get to go to Hawai’i. You get spanked. Then the crowd gives YOU leis just for visiting. Then if its senior night VISITING seniors get gifts too. Then they got treated to concert from Henry Kapono singing Friends. MEAN! I had fun. BUT I had MORE fun later that same night.

Murs rocking it. Dope show. Super hot inside. Crazy amount of chicks at a hiphop show. Hows Bucky rockinit!

One for the Shaka Thread!

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