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Play this then read. (Shout out Ricky Kim for having themes to his posts! Evil Monito!)

I guess the change in my pocket really wasn’t enough.

The scoops. So today is Sunday before Turkey day. Four days pre Thanksgiving. If you cook turkey you know you against the clock for defrost the frozen sucka! So I go to Safeway where I have been usually buying my turkey for almost ten years and they got them turkeys all cold ready to go. Then I see the sign. $3.49 each, WITH A $50 PURCHASE! PRICE OF TURKEY NOT INCLUDED! You gotta be kidding? Now I’ve been slowly going less and less to Safeway. They are continually not being the best price in town. But this was the final straw. I walked right out. Really thinking of no longer shopping their for anything. But I do have to say they have decent french bread.

So I left the store, salty balls and all! Go hunt online for good turkey prices. In Arizona and other states Safeway/Vons/whatever they call it only requiring $25 purchase to get the deals. Oppressing Hawaiians, locals, mokes, and anyone in Hawai’i at the moment. Continue the internet search I decided to see what FOODLAND (who is winning my shopping heart more and more…POKE BOWS for reusing bags!) they had for turkey prices. Their website said they got the lowest turkey prices and would match anything. So I decide to head to Ewa Beach (I really don’t like Ewa Beach) and check out Foodland. Was packed and they guy was unloading cases of turkeys. Then I got worried because they had three different signs. One sign had the dreaded $50 purchase required. I asked the guy working unpacking cases (who was really friendly Pinoy guy) and he let me know they addressing anyone’s ads to beat everything. Times had a coupon for cheap turkeys and if you brought your Times coupon they would match that price. Then they had the spend $50 and matched the Safeway price. But if you didn’t want to do that their option was use your Maika’i Card and get a turkey for $3.88. ONLY $.40 more than Safeway. WORD! And if you had two of those Maika’i rewards gift certificates you could get A FREE TURKEY! Say what? I bought two. Thinking about going back and getting one more so I can get turkey sandwiches mid December too.

Safeway dropped the ball hard. Your bakery is the only think holding me to even walking in your store. I CAN’T WAIT FOR FOODLAND KAPOLEI! I really hope a Safeway executive reads this! Someone needs to take business classes! Stingy bastards! If you know a Safeway head honcho forward this post to him or her!

Thanks for reading my rant.

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