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I was invited to come watch the UH Warriors crush San Jose. Football, food, drunken crazy people? Sign me up!

Seats from the nosebleeds. Super fun. Why you need to sit close? The cheerleaders not gonna wink at you! Villi not gonna high five you! You not catching one overthrown football. I owned an entire two rows to myself. One seat for my butt, one seat for my right foot, one for my left foot, and one for my Pepsi. MEEEEEN! Thanks to the Pecson ‘ohana. PS. 4loko tastes like shit-their review. I didn’t try it.

My view from the 50. Like playing Madden with real people.

This fool had lots of laps to run cus Warriors was dominating. Felt bad for the push up people doing pushups for each point too!

Rainbow dancers. I couldn’t tell if they was dope or not (there’s gotta be a few hotties i’m assuming). They had the band riffs on lock. They danced their ass off. More energetic than the cheerleaders. They had at least 20+ routines for anything the band played. Cheerleaders you may have pyramids and basket tosses, but you gotta step your game up to outshine the dancers. If I was a stadium owner I would hire the Rainbow dancers to pump up the crowd.

Crap I can’t find an mp3 for soundtrack. das ok. *high pitch singing* You read my mind, security gonna shake you down! They can take all of the snacks that you bring! Oh weowale!*

You go movies you sneak kakimochi. You go football game and your homie that gave you the ticket drinks beer you return the favor. Last minute idea when packing up the tailgate. While people double fisting heinys and chugging before getting to the gate I threw one in my cargo pocket. Someone in our pack got their sunflower seeds taken away because the bag was hanging out his pocket. But they didn’t even look twice at me. That bottle stuck out like a sore thumb. Kept it moving. Got a box of ice from the McKinley Project Grad people in the snack bar and had a mini bootleg cooler. Box broke but beer stayed cold for three quarters. I win!

Hope to go to another game this season. Go WARRIORS!

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