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I’m a huge fan of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Gotta watch um every year. And then watch it again on the other station that bootlegs it from around the corner. But man this year whoever put the parade together gets kudos from me. They always putting stars and who’s famous in the parade. But first they surprised me with Elf the Musical (word!), followed by Kanye West (word word!), then two MURAKAMI balloons (Say WHAT?!). And they had the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes doing their thing high knees and kicking ass! How come only get one hapa asian girl only? They bumping up the popolo girls numbers but not the asians? Still good parade. Imagine who the real lady like Miracle on 34th street that makes this happen?

Serious note Thanksgiving is about being thankful. Remember there’s always in a WORSE situation than you are. Always something to be thankful for.

My thankful list: Jesus for allowing me to live in this moment right now. I’m not in no ER/hospital room….I’m good! My friends and family, people who truly support me-not because they can get something in return but because they want the best for me. My personal secretary, accountant, lion tamer, and underwear washer-You Da Best! My pack of dogs, they don’t listen sometimes but they know who’s the man! Thankful I live Hawai’i, no place better. Thankful for the beach and my awesome wave riding skills that consistently improving. And my cooking skills cus the first turkey I’m cooking is smelling SUPER DOPE!

Be blessed and a blessing to others (post about this super soon!).

Thanks for reading my ramblings! With love, lofa.

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