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I had a great turkey day. Cooked two turkeys and didn’t burn it. Got gravy lessons. Stove Top saved me a buttload of time. Good times. Then I got into Black Friday mode. I do know I’m a bad driver when I’m tired so I try not to drive on low sleep after staying up late. Got me a driver and a crack team of shoppers so we got it on lock, first stop Best Buy.

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. Merry Christmas in a can. Wonder if it works the same like 7up/Sprite for sore stomach?

Big ups to the security crew at Best Buy. They firm but fair. Trying to keep the cutting on the low (it still happened smallkine but people gotta man up and say “eh get to the back”! to be honest I’m guilty of line merging a lot, but I love Hawai’i cus too many panties, all talk sometimes!) But order was pretty much in store during the time we waited.

Line wrapped through the parking lot and out on the highway!

The VIP line.
Time flew and the doors opened at 5am. Got me a 4g thumb drive, some dvds, and a label maker. Next stop Fitted.

The line still hanging on at 9am. Got me a shirt and a hat for a friend. Gotta love that they put the entire store on sale, empty out, and RESTOCK the store with all brand new stuff. Not many stores can do so.

Was suppose to go Kicks/HI but they open too late. With hunger in my belly and the sandman dusting me non stop with the sleepy powder my team hit up Wailanas for some all you can eat pancakes and eggs. Was suppose to head home after that but Target wanted me to complete my Office collection so one final stop. Then I slept ten hours.

Black Friday is fun. Wish I was hustling at a store making money instead of spending it. Let the seasons begin. Be nice when trying to find parking!

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